Authors are welcome to submit their contributions that include but are not limited to the following areas.

Topics & Tracks

Passenger Operations – Chairs: Michael Schultz, Bundeswehr University Munich

Simulation/Optimization– Chairs: Idalia Flores, National University of Mexico- Mario L Rus, University of Córdoba Spain

Simulation in Agroindustries– Chairs: Rodrigo Romero Silva, Wageningen University

Simulation and Data – Chairs: Arnold Heemink, TU Delft

Simulation for Digital Twins in Industry and Logistics – Chair:Francesco Longo/ Antonio Padovano, University of Calabria

Methodology and Risk Assessment – Prof. Edmond Hajrizi, UBT

Supply Chain Management, Logistics and Transportation – Chair Margarita Bagamanova, AUAS – Peter Meincke, DLR

Industrial Case Studies

Complex, Intelligent, Adaptive and Autonomous Systems (CIAAS)

Environment and Sustainability Applications – Chairs: Luis M. Fernández-Ahumada & Marta Varo -Martinez, U. of Córdoba

Simulation and ML Technology– Chair Dr. Mohammad Dehghani, Northeastern University

Rare Events Analysis



PhD & MSc/Bach Award – Chairs Dr. Luis Manuel Fernández-Ahumada, U. of Córdoba – Dr Miguel Mujica Mota, Amsterdam U. of Applied Sciences

Multimodal Transport Simulation – Chairs: Raquel Salamanca, ISDEFE; Ashish Verma, IISC, Bangalore

Simulation in Human Behaviour – Chairs: Jose Maria Ortiz-Gomez, Zayed University/ Christina Rott, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

Simulation in Education– Cristina Ruiz Martin, Carleton University

Agent-based Simulation – Hai Xiang Lin, TU Delft

Energy Transition

Aviation Track – Chairs: Benedikt Badanik, U. of Zilina -Miguel Mujica Mota, AUAS- Bruno Desart EUROCONTROL

Monitoring and Control – Chairs: Dr. Igor Škrjanc, University of Ljubljana

Healthcare Applications – Chair: Nikki Popper, TU WIEN

Hybrid Simulation

Manufacturing Applications – Chairs Dr. Antonella Petrillo&Dr. Fabio de Felice, U.of Napoli “Parthenope”

Circular Economy – Chairs: Abdel Al Makhloufi & Amir Ghasemi, Amsterdam U. of Applied Sciences

Military Applications – Chair Oliver Rose, Bundeswehr University

Advanced Tutorials/workshops

Applications in Engineering and Architecture

Financial Simulation

Extraction Industries

Poster Session – Chair Dr. Paolo Scala, Fedex