Ph.D. and  MSc./Bach Award

The Ph.D. or MSc/Bach award recognizes young scientists, who have demonstrated excellence in applying simulation techniques alone or in combination with other methodologies. The award also provides researchers starting out in their careers with an opportunity for further professional development.

A further objective of the award is to showcase the potential of young talent to formulate fresh ideas and solutions to global challenges using simulation as a key tool for tackling challenging problems.

The applications will be evaluated by a panel of experts in the different areas of simulation and will be a recognision that EUROSIM will do to the winners.


If you wish to apply for this Award, please read the contest rules, complete the ApplicationForm and declaration of honor and upload them in the easy chair link for submissions under the track of award.

Important Dates:

Launch of the Contest: 18 October 2022

Deadline of the Submission for Applications: 28 February 2023 14 April 2023 – extended –

Announcement of the Winners: 3-5 July 2023 during EUROSIM congress