Meet Prof. Senichenkov – next VESS speaker

/ May 10, 2021

Meet our next VESS speaker – Prof. Yuri Senichenkov.  On May 14, the simulation of Modeling and Simulation in Education will be presented by Prof. Yuri Senichenkov (Russia).VESS May 14

Yuri Senichenkov is a full professor at the St. Petersburg Polytechnic University, Russia. He holds a PhD degree in Numerical Analysis from St. Petersburg State University and Dr Sci. degree (Computer Science) from St. Petersburg Polytechnic University. Prof. Senichenkov is an author of 125 scientific publications – conference papers, articles, monographs and textbooks. Furthermore, he is a board member of the National Simulation Society – NSS, and the Federation of European Simulation Societies – EUROSIM; a member of the Scientific Editorial Board of «Simulation Notes Europe» Journal and «Computer Tools in Education» Journal; Chairman and Chief-Editor of COMOD 2001-2014 conferences.

Don’t miss this interesting VESS talk about simulation in education, and register now! Registration is free of charge and is open to everyone! More details about the speaker and our upcoming seminars can be found on the VESS page.

EUROSIM and the Dutch Benelux Simulation Society continue organising VESS – free simulation seminars. More VESS simulation talks in the coming months!

  • Internet of Things
  • supply chain
  • industry applications
  • academic case studies
  • simulation and modelling
  • and many more!

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