AI-enabled Digital Twin in the next VESS

/ April 7, 2022

AI and Digital Twins are the hot topics of last years. Join our next VESS speaker – Dr. Mohammad Dehghani from Northeastern University (USA).  On April 15, he will give a talk about AI-enabled Digital Twin. It is known that simulation software packages are widely accepted tools to implement digital twin. Although these packages can capture the dynamics of business processes in detail, they fail to utilize Artificial Intelligence (AI) to its’ full potential. In addition, they also fail to process the data to reveal actionable insights. Besides, applying AI to the simulation requires different skillsets with expert knowledge, which is challenging for many enterprises. During this talk, you will see how to leverage the structured data provided by simulation models. The speaker will also show how to utilize AI-related techniques such as optimization and reinforcement learning to support decision-making. Furthermore, this study uses Simio-Python integration to develop simulation environments and apply AI algorithms.

Mohammad Dehghani


April 15, 2022, 5:00 pm CEST

Dr. Mohammad Dehghani

is an Associate Teaching Professor of Mechanical and Industrial engineering at Northeastern University (USA). His research mainly focuses on developing simulation-based platforms to provide intelligent decision-support systems for real-life systems. He will talk about one of his initiatives to develop a framework to integrate Discrete Event Simulation with Artificial Intelligence.

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